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2015 At a Glance

The Ballroom Dance Center invites you to another magical year of dancing! In addition to the lessons we know you will enjoy, you may also choose to participate in a wide array of dances, festive events, shows and competitions held at the studio.

Offered annually, our showcases are full-length, original theatrical productions. All levels of dancers, as well as all ages, are welcomed to be a part as we all work together to put on the best show possible! Not only do we have fun and work hard during the entire process, it also helps build confidence and showmanship. Another bonus is the great camaraderie that develops among the cast as we go from music selection, to choreography, to lessons, to rehearsals, to the actual show.


Robin Smith, Raleigh-based West Coast Swing coach, returns to The Ballroom Dance Center Thursday and Friday, January 29 - 30, 2015, for West Coast Swing workshops and private coaching sessions.

Workshops: Thursday, January 29
7:15 pm The CASL Effect
8:00 pm Over & Under

The workshops are $15 each or $25 for both, and all levels are welcome. Call The Ballroom Dance Center at 706-854-8888 to sign up for the workshops on Thursday, January 29, or to schedule a private coaching session with Robin.

Robin will also teach the group lesson at the Every Friday Dance. Don’t forget the West Coast Swing Party/Practica in the small ballroom, included in admission to the Every Friday Dance, from 8:45 pm until 10:00 pm that evening where you can practice those great West Coast Swing moves. As always, there will great music playing in the main ballroom for general dancing.

Scott Anderson will return to The Ballroom Dance Center Wednesday through Friday, February 11 – 13, 2015. Active in the dance industry for over 25 years, Scott and his wife Amy are United States Rising Star Smooth Champions and Open Finalists and Fred Astaire National Smooth Champions. Scott will conduct two fun, informative workshops, in addition to coaching in all styles of dance.

Workshops: Thursday, February 12
7:15 pm TBA
8:00 pm TBA

The workshops are $15 each or $25 for both, and all levels are welcome. Call The Ballroom Dance Center at 706-854-8888 to sign up for the workshops on Thursday, February 12, or to schedule a private coaching session with Scott. Also, Scott may have some fishing tips to offer. When he’s not coaching, judging or competing himself, you may just find him out fishing for a musky.

Bringing quality coaching to The Ballroom Dance Center is just one of the many ways we continually strive to help our students take their dancing to the next level.


The following Events schedule shows you many of the fun activities The Ballroom Dance Center offers during the year. Event updates are also available on our Calendar, Facebook, in the Studio and via E-mail!

March 20, 21, 27, and 28, 2015
Enchanted, A Magical Show

Be charmed, mesmerized and yes, Enchanted, at this magical show. A little fairy dust, a clandestine forest meeting, a moat to cross with a dragon in hot pursuit – these simply foreshadow the intrigue and delight you as The Ballroom Dance Center staff and students and your imagination bring your favorite childhood fairy tales and stories to life.

The doors will open at 7:00 pm; show time is 7:30 pm. Admission for adults is $25 (with military ID, $22) and youth, $18 (under 18 years old).

Following the show, children, young and old alike, may meet the characters from the show for autographs and photos.

August 21, 2015
The Augusta Dance Challenge and Showcase

This events starts at 8:00 pm and runs until 11 pm for a fun-filled Friday night that includes solo performances and Jack and Jill contests in Ballroom/Rhythm and West Coast Swing. Saturday offers a friendly competition with studios from all over the Southeast with spectators heartily welcomed. The event includes beginner to advanced pro/am dancing followed by an awards banquet. Sunday offers dynamic workshops and coaching by our expert judges.

Every Friday Dances
With the energy of a nightclub, the Every Friday Dance offers a fun night out with fabulous fellowship and music ranging from current hits to the classics for you to dance to. (What a fun way to exercise and not even know it!) You’ll see and join with dancers of all ages doing the Cha-Cha, Salsa, Waltz, Foxtrot, Argentine Tango, West Coast Swing and current line dances, just to name a few of the dances we teach at The Ballroom Dance Center!

The evening starts with a free lesson, and before you know it, if you keep coming, and we know you will, you will be on the floor dancing to every style of dance. Admission is $10 per person for regular Every Friday Night Dances and $15 for the following themed Friday night balls. The fourth Friday of each month, we will feature a West Coast Swing practica in the small ballroom, included in the cost of the Every Friday Dance. The Every Friday Dance is open to all adults 18 years of age or older and all students currently enrolled at The BDC. The dance runs from 8:00 – 11:00 p.m.

January 16
Jeremiah’s Fundraiser

This event will benefit I’m Aware, a locally run non-profit organization that assists the survivors of human trafficking in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). What a great cause!

February 13
The Prom

Valentine’s Day (or the day before) is the perfect excuse for singles and couples alike to attend a “grown-up” prom. If you like, go all out with that powder blue tux and bridesmaid-like dress and gaudy corsage! You can get your prom picture taken with the girl of your dreams or you just might meet someone there. Prizes will be awarded for worst and best prom attire.

May 1
Super Heroes and
Super Villains Ball

Kryptonite, batmobiles, spider webs and tight spandex body suits will get you in the door for this night of fun. Okay, if you are incognito like Clark Kent, you’re in too, but promise to be super good or super bad! We expect you to be light on your feet if your super powers include flight. Also, be careful with your lead if you are big, green and strong. This night will be SUPER FUN!

July 24
Speakeasy Ball

Flappers, gangsters and G-Men welcome! Enjoy some hooch (fake of course) and don’t forget your machine gun (fake, too, of course) and the latest dance craze, the Charleston. We’ll flap and flap and flap some more!

October 30
The Haunted Eye Ball

Not only is this The Haunted Eye Ball, but The BDC’s 23rd birthday celebration! Join us as we celebrate the great fun and wonderful dancing brought to the CSRA for 23 YEARS by The BDC. There will be a costume contest for all you scary, pretty and creative monsters and make-believe artists or choose to dress festisvely!

December 11
The Snow Ball
(Semi-formal attire)

Enjoy the magic of the season as we celebrate Christmas and all the wonder and joy of this holiday time of year. Whether you are naughty or nice, you are invited to “don thy gay apparel.” After all, it is semi-formal.

There will not be a dance on the following Friday evenings – March 20, March 27, November 27 and December 25.


In addition to hosting the Augusta Dance Challenge and Showcase, we attend competitions around the United States. The Ballroom Dance Center is proud to be the home of Val Ganiev and Emilie Tobias, the only Professional United States 9 Dance Finalists in the region. For a competition calendar, contact the studio or  Click Here!

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