New Group Classes! New Format!
DanceSMART at The Ballroom Dance Center!

Returning and new students to The Ballroom Dance Center will enjoy our new format for all group classes. The instructional week will offer Shag, Simply Social Ballroom and Rhythm, Simply Social Ballroom and Rhythm 2.0 and Latin and General Club on Mondays and West Coast Swing on Thursdays.

The features of the new format include the following:
Flexible Commitment – With our new format, start when you want and come when you can! You can choose UNLIMITED group classes or pick a single class that's right for you. Drop-ins are always welcome!

Stand Alone Weekly Classes
– We have found adults have so many responsibilities that they can’t always commit to every week over several months. This class format allows weekly attendees and drop-ins to get a complete class in their selected dance style each week.

Partner Movement Skills – All classes will focus on movement skills, social dance combinations and leading/following. We often hear dancers say, “I just don’t want to look stupid!” All classes will help you develop ease and comfort in social dancing. You may ask if you should focus on just one dance. We have found it often doesn’t matter which dance you do, but rather that you learn fundamental movement skills in partner dancing.

More Dance Opportunities – Additional development of your dance skills will happen at the Second Friday Practice Session, the Fourth Friday Dance and on your private lesson.


This will be taught at the basic level for social dancers to learn the Southern version of swing.

Simply Social Ballroom and Rhythm
This class is for beginner/basic level social dancers who want to dance comfortably to a variety of music at parties, weddings, cruises and dance events. (You will learn basic basic Ballroom and Rhythm patterns in Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, Rumba, Cha-Cha, East Coast Swing and some club style dances.)

Simply Social Ballroom and Rhythm 2.0
This class is for intermediate level social dancers and will develop from the foundation of the Simply Social Ballroom and Rhythm class. Add some social dance flair and “pizazz” to your dance steps.

Latin and General Club
This class is also for beginner/basic social dancers who enjoy Latin, Swing and dance beat rhythms, as well as slow dance and line dancing, to a variety of more contemporary, nightclub style and pop music. (This class will include basic level material in Hustle, Nightclub 2 Step, Bachata, Salsa, Merengue, Slow Rock and Line Dance.)

Bachata is an energetic Latin dance from the Dominican Republic. Characterized by sexy body movement, syncopated footwork and free style moves that alternate between closed and open position, Bachata is rapidly gaining popularity across the country. The dance is made up of basic footwork and a series of simple steps that produce a back and forth or sideways motion.

West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing is a special, widely popular style of swing that can be danced to a vast range of music. The Ballroom Dance Center has been a leader in the CSRA in bringing authentic West Coast Swing to the region. A beginner class is available in which dancers will develop essential, building block muscle memory. There is also an intermediate level class for advanced West Coast Swing dancers.

Adult Performance Class (Formation)
Adult dancers will learn performance routines that may be danced in our Showcases, at the Fourth Friday Dances, the Augusta Dance Challenge, local dance/arts events and in volunteer settings such as nursing homes or for charities. The goal of the class is to develop showmanship, confidence, musicality and expressiveness and to communicate meaning and beauty through the art of dancing.

Advanced Teen
This class is for experienced teen dancers with opportunities to participate in the August Dance Challenge in August,.

Teen Ballroom and Rhythm (Basic Level)
This class is taught at a beginner/basic level for teens who want to be good social dancers and who want to dance comfortably to a variety of music at dance events.

Teen Performance Class (Intermediate Level)
Teens in this class will learn fun routines for performances at the special balls we have, as well as participate in the annual March show and the Augusta Dance Challenge show in August.

Youth Ballroom and Rhythm (Basic Level)
This class is for beginner/basic level dancers fromto from 9 to 12 years old who want to learn to social dance comfortably to a variety of music. They will sometimes learn fun routines for performances. Fun routines may also be a part of the class for performances in the annual March show and the Augusta Dance Challenge show in August..

Private Lessons
For dancers with special interests or a desire to learn more slowly or more quickly than in group classes, private lessons are a great option.

We are delighted you will be learning to dance at The Ballroom Dance Center. Please note that we rotate partners for maximum learning and social practice, but dancers who wish to stay together may do so. Simply let your teacher know you do not wish to change partners.