American Ballroom (Smooth)
• Waltz - Elegant, smooth dance in 3/4 time from Austria
• Foxtrot - Only American ballroom dance; big band or jazzy music
• Tango - Argentine origin; dramatic, staccato dance; strong drum roll
• Viennese Waltz - faster version of the slow waltz

American Style Rhythm
• Rumba - Romantic Latin dance from Cuba
• Swing - East Coast Swing; upbeat with triple steps; big band and pop
  music, huge in 30's and 40's
• Cha-Cha - Slow Cuban mambo with characteristic triple step
• Mambo - Fast Cuban Latin dance; precursor of Salsa, breaking on the
  "2" beat
• Bolero - Slow, romantic Latin dance with sweeping movement


Other Popular Dances
• West Coast Swing – This special dance style originated on the West Coast where dancers adapted swing into a slot to fit better on screen and on crowded dance
  floors. This extremely popular style is danced to many types of music, including pop, classic swing, blues, dance beat and, more recently, to slower
  contemporary lyrical style music. At West Coast Swing events you will see social dancers, competitors and judges on the dance floor until the wee hours of the  morning. Also popular are the competitive Jack and Jill events where dancers are paired randomly with partners where you learn to adapt and have a
  great dance with that person.
• Argentine Tango - Original style of Tango; features the accordion like bandoneon; improvisational, intimate and intense
• Carolina Shag - Southern style of swing danced to bluesy, pop and beach music
• Salsa - Popular “first cousin” of Cuban mambo; smoother, jazzier music, breaking on the “1” beat
• Salsa Rueda - Salsa "square dancing"; trade partners in a circle
• Hustle - Originally a 70's disco dance; popular, fast, club-style movement, danced in a slot, to a strong beat
• Samba - A lively, rhythmical dance developed in Brazil during the 19th century, it is considered the dance of celebration and joy at Carnival celebrations in Rio.
• Merengue - Originating in the Dominican Republic, it is an easy and fun dance to learn, making it a popular social dance.
• Bachata - Originating in the Dominican Republic, Bachata is a fun, energetic Latin dance that is gaining popularity across the country.

Teen Dances 
• Advanced Teen - This class is for experienced teen dancers with opportunities to participate in the Augusta Dance Challenge in August.
• Advanced Teen Performance Class - Teens in this class will learn fun routines for performances at the special balls we have, as well as participate in the
   annual March show and the Augusta Dance Challenge show in August.
• Teen Ballroom and Rhythm (Basic Level)  - This class is taught at a beginner/basic level for teens who want to be good social dancers and who want to dance
   comfortably to a variety of music at dance events.
• Teen Performance Class (Intermediate Level)  - Teens in this class will learn fun routines for performances at the special balls we have, as well as participate
   in the annual March show and the Augusta Dance Challenge show in August.

International Style Standard and Latin
• Quickstep - A fun, light and fast ballroom dance that incorporates very quick steps with alternating slower steps
• Viennese Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango
• Paso Doble – A lively, theatrical, dance modeled after the drama of the Spanish bullfight
• Jive – A lively, uninhibited variation of the Jitterbug with many of the basic patterns similar to those of East Coast Swing
• Cha-Cha, Rumba and Samba

Please note, other Standard and Latin dances are described above under American style dances.