Besides serving as the Ringmaster of The Ballroom Dance Center, Jillian welcomes everyone to the studio with her radiant smile, infectious laugh and dynamic personality.


She has an extensive professional background, ranging from customer service, to bookkeeping, to sales and marketing, to management information systems having held positions in retail, insurance, the medical field and the performing arts.


Drawn to The Ballroom Dance Center through her own love of dance and performing, Jillian never meets a stranger and makes both newcomers and veteran dancers feel at ease the moment they walk in the door.


She keeps the staff organized and the students happy in her own special “Jillian” way.


With a diverse business background, Vickie assists in the administrative, marketing and accounting functions at The Ballroom Dance Center.


While attending school, she gained her retail business experience. She was then employed by the Metro Augusta Chamber of Commerce in various positions, including research manager.


More recently, she was employed by Quail Unlimited, a national, non-profit conservation organization, she and her husband founded in 1981. In addition to all accounting and human resource responsibilities, she was over the membership department and had a working knowledge of the company’s entire operation. She was also the associate editor of Quail Unlimited Magazine.


Jessika provides assistance at the busy front desk of The Ballroom Dance Center. She actually met her husband James when he taught fencing to the dancers in one of the original shows, The Seven Deadly Pirates, at The Ballroom Dance Center.


Still a new mother, Jessika left her full-time position with The Ballroom Dance Center to devote time to her young daughter. Jessika fell in love with dance as a girl and found particular meaning in praise and worship dance.


An avid reader and lover of things international, she studied abroad in Italy. Jessika has always had an artistic and stylish bent, culminating in her own cottage business, Little Hidden Gems, designing jewelry with innovative and eccentric pieces such as aluminum tabs from soda cans combined with stones and semi -precious jewels.


When questioned about wearing a boa to work, she quipped, “That is the norm at The Ballroom Dance Center!”