The Ballroom Dance Center is known and recognized across the Southeast and beyond for its Broadway-style theatrical productions featuring both professional and student cast members. Few dance studios in the country offer creative, themed showcases that incorporate music, dance, film, storytelling, history and theatre. Drawing on her lifelong love of history and humanities, Emilie Tobias, the studio’s owner and a senior instructor, writes and directs all of the shows for The Ballroom Dance Center. She has an unique background and skill set and uses these talents to present ballroom shows that transcend a routine ballroom dance recital.


The shows capture the imagination of the audience and take them on an adventure to sometimes far away places through dance. Recent productions have included “Warped,” a journey back in time to the 80s, “Under the Big Top,” with the storyline message that it’s okay to be different and “Speakeasy” to name a few.


Our most recent production, “Murder at the Moulin Rouge,” was set in turn-of-the-century Paris. Characters in the show included Impressionist painters, writers, musicians, dancers and patrons of the arts who had one thing in common; they all hated Henri. This murderous story of forbidden love, gone wrong, but made right. . .the wrong way, was a puzzle for our most seasoned detective. Why, the murderer could have been anyone of our characters, or everyone!  A unique twist to this show, which was a sell out for all four performances, was that there was a different murderer each night. Why, you might ask. It was because THE AUDIENCE GOT TO DECIDE!


Another wonderful aspect of the shows at The Ballroom Dance Center is that they appeal to all ages.  From the six- or seven-year-old child in the audience to the mature adult, these shows transcend time and generations. They allow us as dancers to cross generational lines and touch people, both metaphorically and literally from the dance floor, and bring joy to people as we share in this magnificent form of art called dance.