The Ballroom Dance Center is known and recognized across the Southeast and beyond for its Broadway-style theatrical productions featuring both professional and student cast members. Few dance studios in the country offer creative, themed showcases that incorporate music, dance, film, storytelling, history, and theatre. Drawing on her lifelong love of history and humanities, Emilie Tobias, the studio’s owner, and senior instructor, writes and directs all the shows for The Ballroom Dance Center. She has a unique background and skill set and uses these talents to present ballroom shows that transcend a routine ballroom dance recital.


The shows capture the imagination of the audience and take them on an adventure to sometimes far-away places through dance. Recent productions have included “Under the Big Top,” with the storyline message that it’s okay to be different, “Moulin Rouge,” set in turn-of-the-century Paris, and “Cats and Dogs,” to name a few.


Our most recent production, “That’s Amore”, was an adventure through dance to discover what love is all about from some of the top experts.


Coming up April 28, 29, &30, is another great show. You will not want to miss, “Royals”.  This show takes place at the royal ball with kings and queens from history, pop music, rock and roll, gospel, and rhythm and blues.  Click here for more information.