Learn to Dance Foxtrot at the BDC

Why learn how to Foxtrot:

If you’ve ever wanted to learn to glide across the floor like Fred and Ginger – Foxtrot is for you! It’s jazzy, it’s sophisticated, and it’s a versatile dance to have in your social dance repertoire.

Where it comes from:

In the early 1900’s music began to change from the classic, elegant symphonies to syncopated ragtime music. Since you couldn’t Waltz to this jazzy music, many new dances evolved. Since the songs seemed so wild, many of these dance fads were named after animals. There was the Turkey Trot, the Monkey Dance, the Grizzly Bear, the Bunny Hug, and the Kangeroo Dip.

In 1914, a dancer named Harry Fox demonstrated his version of trotting on the stage of the Ziegfield Follies. Fox’s Trot became the hot new thing in New York City, and when the dance traveled to England, it was tamed of its wild American roots and became the smooth and sophisticated dance we know today.

Fun fact:

The English tamed the Foxtrot by “Waltz-ifying” it. In fact, many of the patterns in Foxtrot were adapted straight from Waltz. This is a great example of how all dances are interrelated; learning one dance makes it easier to learn another.

Foxtrot songs you may know:

“The Way You Look Tonight” by Frank Sinatra
“Fever” by Peggy Lee
“I’m Beginning To See The Light” by Bobby Darin
“16 Tons” by LeAnn Rimes
“Summer Wind” by Michael Buble

How to sign up and learn to dance:

We’d love to teach you Foxtrot, and other wonderful dances we offer at the Ballroom Dance Center. To get started, call us at 706-854-8888 to schedule your complimentary new student orientation and learn how to add the joy of dance to your life.