Dance Etiquette

What is the etiquette for most social dances? Well, generally it is widely accepted that when someone asks you to dance, you say yes. If you happen to decline the invitation, don’t go running off to dance with someone else that you enjoy MORE! That is hurtful.

Another social grace of dancing is to make sure when you dance a smooth dance (such as waltz, foxtrot or tango) that it travels counterclockwise around the room. Dancers call this “line of dance.” If, perhaps, you don’t feel confident in your own ability to travel around the floor, you can do more simplistic box steps and spins in the middle of the ring of dancers traveling line of dance. Just be careful not to merge into any of the lanes of oncoming dance traffic moving around the dance floor!

A not often thought of dance courtesy is to avoid eating spicy foods or those with a strong garlic or onion odor before dancing. Believe me, your partners will thank you! If you do eat before you dance, pop a mint or two. You both will probably feel better!

Lastly, men, when you ask a lady to dance, be sure to walk up to her and offer her your arm or hand and guide her to the dance floor. When the dance finishes, escort her back to her seat and thank her for spending three minutes of her life spinning around the room with you. (Because as we said earlier, she COULD say no!)

Well that’s all for today!

#Dancesmart & Happy Dancing,

~ Josh