– Superior reputation

– Masters of our craft

– A passion for lifelong learning

– Real people, real service

– Teachers who evolve with you

Would you go to a surgeon to learn how to dance?

Would you go to an astronomer to learn how to have

fun on the dance floor?

Would you go to a landscaper or gardener to learn how to increase your strength on the dance floor?


There is a reason individuals wanting to learn how to dance have been coming to The Ballroom Dance Center where all the teachers are certified regularly; we bend over backwards for our students!


At The Ballroom Dance Center, all of the teachers are certified by a nationally recognized association, and even more importantly, all of our teachers are passionate about lifelong learning so they can evolve with you. With combined teaching experience totaling over 60 years, just like individuals in other professions and trades, the teachers at The Ballroom Dance Center pursue continuing education and certification.


We know from years of mastering our craft that most people do care about how well they dance and are willing to invest their time and money into doing so. Learning to dance is not always fun and easy; sometimes it is hard and challenging. At The Ballroom Dance Center, we know how to guide you through this process because we have been there. It has taken time for us to excel through our own dance education. Sometimes you will be asked to get out of your comfort zone, but always in a safe environment that fosters learning. We believe you want to have fun, but we also know you really want to learn.


With a superior reputation, as the oldest and most established ballroom dance studio in this area, we ALSO take pride in our innovative business model and the growth we have experienced for over 31 years. The Ballroom Dance Center is a stable and thriving business operating under the same ownership for over 31 years with a clear vision of who we are and what is important.


Our founder, Emilie Tobias, is a former college administrator excelling in student services and international business education. When she opened The Ballroom Dance Center in 1992, it was with that same vision for excellence in dance education. Her vision was based on the value of constant learning and the belief that dance teachers should themselves be both dancers and teachers.


Come have fun and learn from the only studio in the Augusta area where all teachers are certified regularly. Our staff, both instructional and administrative, consists of real people who provide real service.


Why go anywhere but The Ballroom Dance Center when you want to have fun AND learn to dance from certified professionals?


Unique Strengths of The BDC and Its Staff:

  • The area’s only United States Professional finalists in the Ballroom and Rhythm 9 Dance Division.
  • Argentine Tango dancers who have performed with internationally acclaimed QuinTango and Octavio Brunetti in North and South America and have danced at the world famous Spoleto Festival. Emilie Tobias, while dancing with Harby Gonzalez, toured in the United States, Argentina, and Brazil as a professional Argentine Tango dancer with Washington-based QuinTango.
  • The Premier Facility in Augusta – The 5,000-square-foot studio with a lovely ambiance features a large floating, “leg-friendly” hardwood dance floor in both the large and small ballrooms.
  • Youth Program – An extensive youth program.

Community Achievements:

  • Featured on the cover of Augusta Magazine.
  • Winner of Columbia County Magazine’s “The Best Place to Dance.”
  • Winner of Augusta Player’s Outstanding Choreography Award.
  • Recognized for excellence, The Ballroom Dance Center’s professionals have partnered with local celebrities in Dancing Stars of Augusta, a fundraiser of the Alzheimer’s Association.
  • Featured on the cover of Strictly Status.
  • Supported multiple charities and arts events with time, resources, and staff including Relay for Life, The United Way, I’m Aware, the Alzheimer’s Association, The YMCA, mission work in the Philippines and Central America, local churches, and local childcare/welfare organizations.

Original Shows & Performing Groups:

Broadway-style theatrical productions featuring both professional and student cast members. Stay tuned for information on our show coming up in the spring of 2025!

Glory Dancers:

The Glory Dancers exist to glorify God through the beauty of dance and the power of dramatic storytelling.

Other Neat Stuff We Offer:

  • Expert wedding dance preparation.
  • Custom-designed classes.
  • Practice time.
  • The Augusta Dance Challenge, an annual dance challenge.
  • Access to nationally known coaches.
  • Cruises and cruise preparation.