The Glory Dancers exist to glorify God through the beauty of dance and the power of dramatic storytelling. Using dance, theatre, film, and music, our troupe seeks to touch hearts and open minds to the greatest story ever told, the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.


Who tells a story better than God? The parables of the New Testament, as well as stories found in the Old Testament teach in a way that is so concise and so illuminating. We all embrace the power of a good story that is well told and brought to life by the combined performing arts. Our performers include professional and amateur dancers and actors from the world of Ballroom, Latin, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Film, and Drama.


God is the ultimate creator of all beauty and all human imagination that leads to art, theatre, dance, film, and music. We laud Him in all we do and thank Him for the creative spark from Him to us.


For additional information, contact Emilie Tobias at 706-495-6340