Kaylee Gresham Joins the Instructional Staff of The Ballroom Dance Center

We are happy to welcome Kaylee Gresham as an instructor at The Ballroom Dance Center. She will be assisting Emilie Tobias in teaching the Youth and Teen Ballroom and Rhythm Dance Camps this summer.

Kaylee began dancing when she was two years old and has been trained in ballet, tap, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary. She began ballroom dancing when she was 14 and fell in love with it. She enjoys dancing all styles, but she especially likes Cha-Cha because it is so upbeat and rhythmical.

Not only is Kaylee a dancer, but she is a choreographer, teacher, and competitor, having traveled with the Ballroom Dance Center to dance competitions in the Southeast, where as a competitor, she says she competes with herself. Her goal is to always try to do better than at the previous competition. She enjoys watching the other competitors dance as well.

She is also a performer, having performed in major stage productions in both the Rhythm and Smooth dance styles. Through performing she enjoys making people smile and seeing a complete change in their expression.

Kaylee says dancing always seems to be her go-to when she’s feeling happy, sad, or anything in-between. It’s like an outlet for her. She finds that dancing just makes her feel better as so many others have discovered, too.

When we asked Kaylee what she would tell her younger self about dancing, she simply said, “Never give up or get discouraged.” That sounds like good advice for any dancer, since sometimes the steps and choreography can take all of us out of our comfort zone. “Also, there is always more to learn, and that’s part of the fun,” added Kaylee.

Currently, she is a student at Georgia College and State University where she is majoring in biology. She may eventually go into pre-med. She is minoring in dance and is the captain of the dance team, which performs at half-time during Georgia College basketball games. To some, this may seem like a strange combination, but as she pointed out, in both fields you help people reach their goals.

In her spare time, Kaylee enjoys spending time with her family, her dog Koda, a retriever/husky mix who is a new addition to the family, and her friends. She also enjoys traveling and would love to go to Hawaii someday. She enjoys shopping, too, and everything glitter, which should not come as a surprise to any ballroom dancer.

“I am super excited to assist in teaching the Youth and Teen Ballroom and Rhythm Dance Camps this summer at The Ballroom Dance Center,” stated Kaylee. “I look forward to sharing my passion for ballroom dancing with others as they begin their dance journey!”