Learn to Dance Cha Cha at the BDC

Why learn how to Cha Cha:

Cha Cha is lively, fun, and a little flirty. It’s also a very useful social dance to know as many modern songs feature a Cha Cha rhythm.

Where it comes from:

 Cha Cha evolved from a form of Cuban Mambo, and was introduced to the United States in the 1950’s promptly igniting a dance craze.

Fun fact:

Legend has it that Cha Cha got its name from the sound of women’s shoes shuffling across the floor as they danced.

Cha Cha songs you may know:

“Havana (feat. Young Thug)” by Camila Cabello
“Dynamite” by Taio Cruz
“Lady Marmelade” by Patti LaBelle
“Makes Me Wonder” by Maroon 5
“Oye Como Va” by Santana

How to sign up and learn to dance:

We’d love to teach you Cha Cha, and other fun dances we offer at the Ballroom Dance Center. To get started, call us at 706-854-8888 to schedule your complimentary new student orientation and learn how to add the joy of dance to your life.