Learn to Dance Tango at the BDC

Why learn how to Tango:

Tango is passionate, dramatic, and iconic. Movie stars like Sean Connery (as James Bond), Arnold Schwarzenegger (in True Lies) and Al Pacino (in Scent Of A Woman) had sizzling Tango scenes. When you dance Tango, you feel strong, powerful, and you make a big impression!

Where it comes from:

Tango was born in Buenos Aires in the 1880’s. Immigrant workers from Africa and Europe along with the local Argentinian gauchos met and traded cultural rhythms and dance steps. From this melting pot emerged a highly passionate dance, one that the respectable classes of society shunned. But the forbidden nature of the Tango only heightened its popularity…

When Tango hit Paris in 1912 it became an immediate sensation. Vernon & Irene Castle introduced Tango to the United States in 1913 where it was all the rage from the first World War through the 1950’s when rock and roll emerged, dominating the dance scene.

Today, there are three types of Tango: Argentine Tango, American Tango, and International Tango. This is because dance is a living art form, like language, and varies within each genre – just like American English is different than British English. All three styles of Tango are a slightly different expression of the dance, although they all trace their roots to Buenos Aires and the Argentine Tango.

Fun fact:

Because men vastly outnumbered women in Buenos Aires at the time, men would gather and practice dance steps with each other. So it was very socially acceptable, even in that time, for men to Tango with other men.

Tango songs you may know:

“Blue Tango” by Leroy Anderson
“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)” by Tanghetto
“Dance With Me” by Debelah Morgan
“Hernando’s Hideaway” from “The Pajama Game”
“Santa Maria (Del Buen Ayre)” by GoTan Project

How to sign up and learn to dance:

We’d love to teach you Tango, and other exciting dances we offer at the Ballroom Dance Center. To get started, call us at 706-854-8888 to schedule your complimentary new student orientation and learn how to add the joy of dance to your life.